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About Us - Brenda & Phil

Yellowbrick on 39 owners standing together on deck

Hi! I'm Brenda and this is my husband, Phil. We have been happily married for 30 years. We have 5 adult children (if you count our wonderful daughter and son-in-law...which we do) and a beautiful new grandbaby. 

I grew up in beautiful Amish Country with it's rolling hills and peaceful lifestyle. I worked as a surgical nurse for 23 years and as a special ed teacher for 3 years. Those roles served my family well, but I knew I was made for something more, so I prayed and waited for that something to present itself.

In November of 2020 it happened. We were driving home and we noticed a for sale sign at a hobby farm down the road. This farm has been the object of my affection since I was 16 years old. It is dreamy with it's sweet cottage, white picket fence, delightful gardens, pristine barn, and the surrounding Norma Johnson Center. We looked at each other and realized this was it...the wedding barn we had been searching for. There was only one problem, it was November of 2020, and the world was turned upside down! So I put my wedding venue dreams on hold and focused on the cottage. We spent 6 months renovating and decorating and i
n June of 2021 we opened the cottage as a short-term rental. It was a hit! Guests loved the property and we found so much joy in giving them a place to relax, connect, and create unforgettable memories. This was fun, but my Yellowbrick Venue dream still burned and was constantly fueled by the comments of everyone who visited that Yellowbrick had to be a wedding venue. So in October of 2022, we started to plan.


AND HERE WE ARE...we've worked tirelessly to create a venue that makes couples swoon. We've preserved the natural aesthetic of the property and brought the cottage garden feel into the barn. Just when we thought we couldn't love this property more, we do and we think you will too! We'd love to meet you at one of our Wednesday open houses and start working to make your fairy tale wedding

dreams come true!

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